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Initially the plan was to rebrand the Border Collie business since I was going to redesign the existing Contact Point Agility website. During our follow up meeting I suggested unifying the brand for all 3 of her businesses. Contact Point Border Collies were performing really well in national and international dog sports and had extremely loyal customers so unifying the brand would make the other businesses quickly recognizable and would inspire the same quality and level of trust. This decision also included creating a new website for Contact Point Border Collies.

Roll over images to view existing logos before rebranding
Website Redesign & Development

Contact Point Border Collies website design & development

As soon as I started getting the domain and hosting information from my client I recommended alternatives that would lower her cost for domain registration renewals and hosting renewals. I ended up saving her over $400.00 per year because she had multiple domains.

The original website was made with HTML. I chose Joomla as the platform for the new website since at that time Joomla was a better CMS.

The first years after the website was launched it ranked #2 when searching for border collie breeders. The website statistics are tracked with Google Analytics.

Contact Point Agility website redesign & development

The site provided information on classes and schedules, instructors, agility trial announcements, private lesson booking and directions.





Made business cards, letterhead, banners, T-shirts, signs, postcards, photo frame templates and other collateral materials.

Digital Marketing:

Facebook page, YouTube channel, Google Business Profile

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